Are you Ready to substantially change your health?

Could you actually live PAIN & SYMPTOM FREE

 Are you constantly saying:”It hurts”?


Almost everyday I receive emails from people from all around the world who are just struggling with various ailments within their body. They are grappling with pain and symptoms within their poor bodies.

Here are just a few:

  • Feeling sluggish and run down.
  • Headaches, migraines and tension.
  • design3PMS, Moodiness and painful periods.
  • IBS symptoms, pain when going to the toilet, constipation and diarrhoea.
  • Skin sensitivities, food sensitivities and allergies.
  • Urinary Tract Infections, Thrush and Interstitial Cystitis.
  • Sore lower back, stiff muscles and tension within your body.
  • Just feeling tired and exhausted all the time!
  • Poor sleep and inability to sleep deeply and soundly.


Do you feel the same?

I used to be like you are probably feeling right now. I used to experience pain… extreme pain. See, I was diagnosed with a condition called Endometriosis. It affects 1 in 7 Women and causes intense abdominal pain, not just during our period but at various times throughout the month. It is like having a really bad case of diarrhoea every other day. The pain is excruciating and pain-killers don’t even reduce it.

I also went through all the associated symptoms like digestive issues, frequent bladder infections, migraines, headaches, bad skin and of course that lovely weight gain that comes with hormonal imbalances.

I went through this way of living for 15years and I had tried all that the doctors could recommend for me.

I personally tried:

  • Over 8 different hormone treatments including Danazol, Implanon and the various contraceptive pills.
  • I used a various array of pain-killers and drugs to deal with the various side-effects and reactions within my body.
  • I endured 7 Operations to remove my Endometriosis scarring and adhesions which grew back every year and a half.

I was still in pain and now I had a heap of side-effects to deal with alongside my Endometriosis! 


Does this remind you of yourself? 

It really saddens me that so many of us are struggling so much and that there is a simple and incredibly effective solution….

What if all we needed to do was to change what we are eating?

Eating the Right Foods have the power to:

  • Correct hormone imbalances within the body
  • Re-establish a balanced and natural digestive system, without Metamucil!
  • Provide heaps of minerals and vitamins which provide the real building blocks for our bodies.
  • Actually provide some real healing for the body.
  • Cleanse and detoxify the liver and other organs which are directly linked to Endometriosis.
  • Reduce inflammation and pain within the body.


Are the food choices you are making directly impacting your pain levels within your body?




If you are still in Pain and struggling every day,

maybe you could do more within your diet?


Since changing what I eat, cutting out specific foods and more importantly ADDING in the right foods, I am now PAIN FREE and SYMPTOM FREE! (something doctors could never promise me!)



I no longer experience:

  • Bloating, IBS and other digestive issues
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Sore boobs and PMS
  • Moodiness and fluctuating hormones – my husband is certainly happy about that one!
  • Period Pain or any pain leading up to my period.
  • Rare Endometriosis Pain.


I feel it is my obligation to share my story with as many people as I can.

You too could experience the same results I have had and chances are :you will !

I asked some friends to take my course over the last year and they also experienced incredible results. Sally, one of the Food Healing Journey Members, was actually going to go for a Hysterectomy before she implemented the FOOD HEALING STRATEGIES. She no longer has Endometriosis Pain either and luckily doesn’t have to go for that Hysterectomy after all! (Please watch her personal testimonial below)

So, I would like to invite you to join my Food Healing Journey Course and begin your own journey of healing. Even if you only have a reduction of 20% of your pain, I am sure it would be worth it to you!

The next step is to join the Food Healing Journey….  





What is The Food Healing Journey E-Course?

The Food Healing Journey is an online Video Course which provides you with the core understanding on how you can use food as a source of healing for the body. It is your secret weapon to beat pain and symptoms in your body.Untitled

The reason the Course works so well is that it provides us with the WHY on food. Why we should avoid certain foods and why we should incorporate others. You get the full background information on how these foods impact your health.

If you have been struggling with staying motivated with your food choices, then these REASONS will ensure you make the right choices.

Imagine knowing that you are truly providing your body with the best in nutrition with every bite you take!

Imagine getting real support from your diet, to truly nourish your body.

Imagine the power of actually moving forward with your healing journey and not being stuck in that same space you have been for years and years.

This 6 Module, intensive Course is a MUST- have for anyone who finally wants to have control over their health!

Finally become empowered!






What you will receive within The Food Healing Journey

6 Modules focusing on your very own Food Healing Strategy.

You will focus on a particular food group per lesson and it is delivered to your inbox each week. The Lesson includes Action Steps and Key Points to take away from each Lesson.

It is a stress-free way of learning and becoming motivated to make better food choices. When you know the WHY, it all makes perfect sense!

Learn how to:

  • Recognise the foods which are triggering inflammation, hormone imbalance and pain within your body.
  • How to upgrade your personal eating plan to optimise healing and pain reduction.
  • Use transformational foods to really boost energy and provide the ultimate in healing.
  • Find foods which provide but also detoxify the body at the same time.
  • Finally know what to eat to really heal your body.
  • Find those foods which boost your immune system, allowing you to really protect your body.
  • Get EVERYTHING you need for your body from food, NOT supplements and ensure you get no adverse reactions to supplements or herbs you are experimenting with.



The Video Content


There is over 3hrs of personally created video content within the course. The video content is fresh, light and easy to understand – no confusing doctor’s jargon!

  • The Videos are viewable on PC, iPad/Tablet and some phones. 
  • There are a total of 26 Video Lessons. Some lessons contain more than 1 Video to illustrate a point further.
  • I get out and about and video from different locations to keep it interesting and fun. In one video, I am standing in front of a family of cows, while they are mooing in the background!
  • I am a real person and speak in a normal language so you can understand everything – none of that medical jargon!
  • I conduct live interviews over skype and in person with a variety of Guest Speakers. (View the full list of speakers below)


*Video Content is now available in downloadable Audio Format. 


The Written Content

With each lesson I also give you a whole heap of Additional Information, Action Steps and Key Points. The Key Points really illustrate what you need to take away from that particular lesson, while the Action Steps are designed to encourage you to take action and make a change. Trust me, they are super easy!

  • Over 100 pages of Additional Research to download.
  • How to Guides to illustrate exactly how to do things so you are not stuck with making the changes.
  • Personal Book recommendations. In the course I provide reference to books that I have personally read, which really enhance on the particular subject. These are great for extra learning and to further your knowledge.
  • Many of the Lessons have Actionable Worksheets for you to complete. These are designed to record where you are at within your Healing Journey and provide a source of measurement to refer back to. There are even worksheets to establish if you are sensitive to certain foods within your diet.
  • Checklists are also included within the course, which are easy to print off and have handy when you are shopping or cooking.
  • I also recommend certain websites which are my personal “go to” sites for recipe ideas, inspiration and further research.




How is the Course Broken Down?

The course has been broken down into 6 Modules, which focus on a particular part of your Food Healing Journey. The Modules are designed in a way that provides optimum healing. The first set of Modules eliminate foods which are contributing to inflammation and pain. We then move into foods that truly nourish and heal. In Module 5 we dive into uncommon foods which you probably have never heard of! These foods are specially selected within the Food Healing Journey as they provide the optimum in nutrition but also detoxify the body at the same time.


“Mel has shared so much more information within her Food Healing Journey Course, more than I had EVER read about on any blog or within any one book. She has seriously done her research! It is invaluable! - Stephanie Parson


Imagine trying to find all the information you need to be truly informed about the foods you are eating? How many hours and how much money would it take, to gain a complete picture? I know I visited over 8 Natural Practitioners, read over 300 books, attended more than 10 Lectures and spent 1000’s of hours researching online to gather this information. It has taken me over 3years to bring it all together.

How long can you wait to truly feel better with your health? 

Imagine having ALL of that knowledge right at your fingertips RIGHT NOW!

There is no need to pay a Naturopath $100/hour. You can get it all in this massive and complete program.





The Speakers

Hear from experts in their field about the significance of the food choices you make.

I have hand-picked these Guests and Speakers, many of whom I met along my personal journey. They are people which I feel will provide you with some great sources of information and a different perspective. There are some renowned Authors, International Speakers, Website Business Owner and amazing friends and colleagues, sharing the same mission for health: to help others feel better.

Nicole Jardim

Holly Taylor

Patricia Algara

Geoff Bond

Louise FawcettJudit Kokai

Paul Barrett-Hassett


“The insights that I received from the Speakers within the Course were so eye-opening. There were so many things I just didn’t know about the food I was still eating!”  Pam Gernstein






Included within the Package


The Food Healing Recipe Book

I have incorporated my personally created Recipe Book to go along with the course. This ebook was created together with my husband, who happens to be an experienced chef of 20years. The recipes are a combination of our two skills: tasty but also soulfully nutritious!


The book contains 101 Recipes which match perfectly with the content of the Food Healing Journey. The Food Healing Journey Course answers the Why of many of the particular food groups. The Healing Recipe Book really provides you with a large chunk of the How!

I typically sell this book separately for $27.00. It contains some of my most commonly used recipes and I personally refer back to it all the time.



The Book Includes:

* 16 Breakfasts  * 11 Smoothies * 24 Salads  * 10 Soups  *30 Other Dishes & * 10 Desserts

All are super healthy and super nutritious.

Bonus Value: $27.00




” I went to the grocery store on Sunday and bought items that were listed in your recipes. Not only are these recipes good for me, but they are extremely tasty. I can’t thank you enough!” - Kayla


Grow your own Dudes Ebook

The Second Ebook which I am including as part of the course is one you won’t find for sale separately. I created this Ebook specifically for the Food Healing Journey.


The Grow your own Dudes Ebook is all about rebalancing your digestive and immune system within the body by growing your very own foods.

* The recipes are easy to follow and give detailed pictures so you know what to expect.

* I provide links on where to find the ingredients and tools to make it all happen!

* I show you an easy drink which don’t take any effort and has significant improvements on your healing.



The Book includes:

* 12 Food and Drink Recipes. It even shows you how to make your own Coconut Yoghurt!

Bonus Value: $27.00


“I love that you created this book as part of the course! I have always known that I should eat more these foods and all the other books seemed so complicated. For me, this book alone has given me so much healing for my digestion and my immune system”  - Tanya


The Movie Archive Section

As part of the course, I have also created a Movie Archive of movies, documentaries and speakers which I have watched and enjoyed over the years. These are movies and documentaries which really help to motivate you and to see what is truly possible and what is really happening. I have added them as a bonus as I felt they could really help you along your journey.

Couple Watching TV

I have handpicked the ones which I felt gave you a strong message to either help inspire you or to shock you. There are some movies which were the whole reason I created this course! Very inspiring content!



The Movie Archive includes:

* Over 8hrs of Movie Watching Content to enjoy.

Bonus Value: $80.00


“You did a fabulous job of compiling this Movie Archive for us! I just love it and I can get my husband to understand why I am changing my diet too! Thank you Mel!”  Francis Peters






We love what you have created! 

These are some Video Testimonials to reveal the genuine excitement for the course and the amazing results and experiences these ladies have had.

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This is a completely DRUG FREE Alternative for REAL HEALTH.

No Drugs. No Hormone Treatments. No Surgery.

You have everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose!


Imagine what you could be without that Pain, inflammation and those nasty symptoms?

Could you finally take up Exercise and Lose Weight?

No more embarrassing toilet breaks.

Feel like the normal you again. No more moodiness and PMS?

Strive for that business, career or goal you’ve been putting off for years?

[video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id="" width="840" height="480" anchor=""]




Your Investment is 100% Risk Free!


Based on the Amazing Results from other Members, I can Provide you with Guarantee for 60 Days!

There is no other program, designed for health in this way, however if you are not getting the results you were expecting after following the course content, I will personally refund your money.

“Mel opened up a completely new path for me with her Food Healing Journey Course. I was ready to give up and have it all taken out! Just by following the information and taking action, my pain significantly reduced and I feel so empowered and totally in control of my Endometriosis. It is truly amazing and I thank Melissa each day for giving us this gift!   – Pauline Davis


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to dedicate to completing the content within the course?
The Video Lessons are on average around 10-15minutes, though there are some that are 20-30minutes. The Extra Written Content varies depending on the lesson but usually includes anywhere from 3-10pages.

We estimate that it would take you a maximum of 40minutes to complete each lesson. This is an average as naturally some Lessons are more content heavy than others.


You say that you deliver the content in weekly emails. What if I don’t wish to receive emails and would rather go at the course at my own pace?

The emails are designed to encourage you to stick with the course and to follow a “journey” with food. If you don’t wish to receive them, you can simply unsubscribe or send us an email in the Support Hub and we can unsubscribe you from the list.


How long does it take for me to see results within my body?

This is a tough question and unfortunately we can’t give you any definite answers.  We are all at different stages of our healing journey and depending on how intense your pain levels and symptoms, how long you have had them and what methods you may have used previously to deal with it and what diet you may be on, will determine how quickly your body starts to transform. In most cases however, people feel better within the first few months of following the Strategies outlined in the Food Healing Journey.


What technology do I need to watch the video?

The video are delivered through Vimeo Video Services. It doesn’t require any fancy technology to run their videos and they download fairly quickly. Their service offers that video’s can be viewed on all portable devices. You can watch the video on your iPad, Tablet, iPhone and of course your computer. I usually recommend watching them and doing the lessons at home, on the computer to really be fully present and allow yourself to absorb the information. They are not downloadable but you have lifetime access and can simply log in whenever you like.


When does the course start?

You can begin the course as soon as you are ready. There are others who are enrolling at the same time as you, so you can all do the Journey together.


How quickly do I receive the information?

As soon as your payment has been successfully processed, you will receive an email with all the instructions to get started. You will be given your very own log in details and your first email with the first lesson. That means…. you can begin your journey today!



When you take Action, when you Decide, you become EMPOWERED!

Aren’t you ready to make a change that will finally provide some Real Healing?

This is your opportunity to finally feel better….